Who We Are

Midnight Sun Festival

We are a coalition of diverse and caring Alaskans who represent or are a part of various coalitions, organizations and/or sectors in the Fairbanks North Star Borough.  Our vision is a community where all generations experience wellness in mind, body and spirit.  We foster wellness in the Fairbanks North Star Borough through data-driven prevention and advocacy.

What We're Doing

Give Wellness to People In Your Lives

The coalition is currently focused on two major prevention efforts in the Fairbanks North Star Borough:

- Suicide prevention among 15-24 year olds.  As part of our current Wellness Campaign, we worked with Seed Media and local talent to develop our "What Source of Strength Will You Be?" PSA. Please check it out and share it with others who would benefit from our message.  One way you can be a source of strength is by


How You Can Help


Thankfully we live in a community where people care and support one another.  However, we don’t always know how to help those around us before and when they are struggling with stressful or traumatic events, substance abuse, depression or other mental illnesses that could lead to suicide.  You can help by being a source of strength to those around you whether they are family members, friends, co-workers or strangers. 

Here are several ways you can help:

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